Pressure Differential Autochange Gas Control Panels – Single & Two Stage

GASARC range of single and two stage autochange gas control panels are designed for primary control and distribution of process gases. Single stage is in applications where slight pressure variation from decreasing cylinder pressure and cylinder changeover is acceptable. Two stage is in applications where constant delivery pressure is required throughout the life of the application.

These Autocahnge control panels have been designed with users in mind giving them the ability to isolate, purge, control and manage the distribution of gases safely around a large facility of local process without exposing the application to downtime as the autochange function with provide a seamless changeover between cylinders or cylinder banks at a predetermined low pressure set point.

All autochange gas control panels are extendable via a compact modular system, allowing the customer to build in more gas volume by adding multiple gas cylinders to their systems. A selection of seating and sealing materials are available to support a vast variety f gasses or gas mixtures.

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