HARRIS CALORIFIC Co., a pioneer in the production of gas welding and cutting apparatus, was founded by John Harris, who discovered the oxyacetylene method of cutting and welding equipment in 1899 while conducting research on the manufacture of synthetic rubies. His discovery led to the manufacture of the nation’s first flame-cutting torch.

After exhibiting his cutting torch at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, he established the company in a small shop on Cleveland’s west side in 1905. Harris continued to refine its gas torches and began to produce related accessories such as gas regulators.

After World War II, the company found new markets for its products in research laboratories and aircraft. Under Clarence Taylor, Harris expanded its national distribution system, developed new equipment, stepped up its advertising program, and established subsidiaries and distributorships abroad.

In 2006 the Harris Calorific, Inc. and J.W. Harris Company were merged together to form The Harris Products Group. This integration supported the combining of consumables and equipment for welding, cutting, brazing and soldering for our customer base.

Included in the J.W. Harris acquisition was Autobraze, a manufacturer of precision brazing rings and return bends utilized in the HVAC industry.

The Harris Products Group includes facilities in the United States, Italy, Poland, Spain and Mexico giving the company a broad global footprint. Harris Calorific organization is a world leader in gas cutting and welding equipment, while J.W. Harris produces the consumables that are complementary to the equipment line.

Harris New Zealand is a proud member of the global family and is staffed by an excellent team, with facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand. Their vast collection of knowledge is readily available to support the Harris range in your area. 


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