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Today, as part of the worlds largest gas control company, with over 100 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of specialty, medical, technical and industrial gas control, our products and solutions can be found in most production and analyitical processes globally.

With manufacturing on 5 continents and a culture of continual improvement, we are committed to delivering market leading quality branded solutions to our customers using the latest global Quality Management Systems.

Since their beginning, our brands have represented authenticity, innovation and a deep connection with the end user. These values have contributed to the long success of our company, it’s products and the customers we serve.


GASARC are a world leading company in the design, manufacture and supply of gas control productsand systems. With our head office and manufacturing facility based in the UK, we have a long andsuccessful heritage of producing quality application based solutions that both meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Throughout the entire development and manufacturing process of our products, we are committed to designing and producing solutions that deliver the highest levels of accuracy in gas control. With our end-to-end state-of-the-art design platform and full digitalised product testing laboratory, we map the life performance of our products ensuring they are suited for our end customers applications.

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